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Not all memory foam is created equal

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The Neck Support Pillow Advisor is about sleeping better, more health-consciously and without pain. It focuses on proper sleep posture and the importance of supporting the head and neck while you are asleep for 4-10 hours per night. The site contains tips, suggestions and information that we have put together from health professionals, online sources and books in order to bring you information that will make a difference to how you sleep. The site explores different neck support pillow options and allows you to purchase pillows should you wish to do that. If you know others who would benefit from this material, please pass it along by clicking on the Tell link in the left column of the site.

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Pillow Functions/Types
Considerations for new pillows for home, travel & children

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Pillow Materials
Learn about the pros and cons of different materials used in pillows

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Sleep Health
Health and wellness focused articles on sleep

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Neck Pillow Brands
Background on some top names in the pillow business

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